NEWS May 2016

Congratulations to the Victorian team on being accepted into the ACLCA Association.

The ACLCA provide the following services

  • To provide a forum for member companies to develop, discuss and respond to issues that affect us in our responsible management of contaminated lands
  • To establish and maintain a strong working relationship with regulatory authorities and other related agencies that have an interest in the management of contaminated lands
  • To encourage others to accept ACLCA as the consulting industry’s peak representative group on contaminated land issues
  • To assist in the development and maintenance of appropriate industry practices and encourage members to adopt these practices
  • To promote and encourage the open exchange of information between members and other interested bodies
  • To promote an awareness and provide information to outside parties on the professional skills in the area of contaminated land management.
  • Well done to all of those involved in getting us accepted into this highly regarded Association!

Posted 04/05/2016

NEWS March 2016

Presentation to UTS Masters of Property Development students

On 11 March Ashley Barber (EP Risk) delivered a presentation to University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Masters of Property Development students covering the contaminated land framework and remediation process. A comprehensive question time was hosted covering a wide range of contaminated land issues already encountered by the Masters Students in their professional experience. Examples included: How does one deal with buried asbestos encountered on a residential development? What are the respective stakeholder obligations for developing next to a service station or contamination source? How do the Waste Regulations apply to developing contaminated land?

Posted 29/03/2016

NEWS October 2015

Williamtown Airbase

A man living North of Newcastle found his property devalued after contamination was found coming from the nearby Williamtown Airbase.

Potentially toxic chemicals associated with firefighting have been detected in creeks, rivers, bores and ponds around the air force site, and residents have been advised not to drink bore water. Unfortunately, many of the surrounding lands have been affected, and consequently owners of these properties have seen their lands devalued.

This article highlights the importance of conducting due diligence assessments before purchasing property to ensure that the land being purchased is free of contamination. At EP Risk we greatly encourage home owners to have a proactive approach to assessing risks on their lands so that their investments are not devalued in the future. This story also emphasises the need for stringent EPA controls on hazardous materials to help keep our environment free from contaminants.

Read the article below to find out more about the story.


Posted 26/10/2015

EP Risk have been accepted onto the Urban Growth NSW Vendor Panel

EP Risk are pleased to announce that they have been accepted onto Urban Growth New South Wales’ ‘Consultants in Construction’ Vendor Panel meaning we will be notified and asked to tender on any of Urban Growth’s new projects where they require the types of services we provide. We are extremely enthusiastic about the potential to be working with Urban Growth in the near future. Well done to the EP Risk team for getting onto another government agency panel.

Posted 22/10/2015

EP Risk Management Safety Alert

On a recent site inspection in a location in Western NSW one of our field technicians came into close contact with a brown snake hidden in knee high grass. Although these interactions are not a common experience, there is always the potential for it to happen with the results potentially being fatal. In light of this recent snake encounter we have sourced highly recommended snake bite prevention garments from Australian company Sea to Summit. We have invested in several pairs of Quagmire Canvas Gaiters for environments where snakes might be present.

The safety of our employees, visitors, contractors and all involved on our projects is of the upmost importance. Consequently we are looking at ways to prevent injury and or illness and improve our safety management systems. It’s the season for snakes, so beware! Follow the attached link if you wish to find out more about the PPE garments we have purchased.

Posted 09/10/2015